The site is the Face of business in Web. He will help you to express yourself, present a product or service and tell about it.
You can make a website with the help of specialists, or you can do it yourself on the basis of free designers.
It would seem that everything is simple. Yes, and you can save money! But you remember – free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

Website Builder allows you to create web pages without manually editing the code. This site will make anyone who knows how to work on the Internet.

You will get acquainted with the site builder, see beautiful examples of pages, understand what he can do them by himself. You will encounter problems later – when it starts to create a website or when you launches it.

Created a site from scratch online – nightmare or reality?

The site has earned. It would seem that you can breathe out and start creating – add new materials, write interesting articles to the blog to attract visitors.
But the owner of the Website quickly understands – to bring it to the top is almost impossible. Here are the problems that may arise after the launch site.

Let’s count the pros and cons

Free – only Third-Level Domain Special knowledge is not required
Changes to the resource (Free Website Builder) do not depend on you Basic features are available for free
SEO opportunities are ineffective
Problems with loading site – long download
Unregulated advertising on your site
The site is not yours, it is rented
Limited functionality
You can not add new plug-ins, scripts and codes
Important features are available only on paid accounts

As you can see, there are actually more disadvantages than pluses. This is not surprising: a large number of customers attract only high-quality resources, but even they need to be promoted. On Free Website Builder it cannot be made. Therefore, if you want a good portal for a huge number of sales – make it from scratch and thoroughly. Use time-tested CMS (content management system) and improve your site constantly.