Internet support to Enter a New Foreign Market for companies / brands / products / services.

Now it is practically impossible to bring a new product to the market without extensive Internet support, and entering a foreign market, with its own characteristics and mentalities, is a very difficult task.

Wildcat Solutions has all the necessary tools, qualified personnel and business connections to solve this problem.

Our company has long and good relations with Internet Marketing companies in Bangkok and Pattaya (Thailand), Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Sydney (Australia) and Munich (Germany).

To bring the product to a New Foreign Market , we provide a range of services:

1. Buying a domain and creating a new website representing your product / brand / service in the local market, in the domain zone of the targeted region.

As an example, for businessmen and consumers in South Korea, a site in the domainame.CO.KR zone is more trusted than domainame.KR or domainame.COM. Domain name in zone CO.KR, for a non-citizen of South Korea or a company without registration in Korea, it is possible to get only through our partners – providing the services of a registrant / agent.

Who owns the domain if you act as my agent?
The official owner of a domain is the registrant. In some agency cases this will still be you. In others cases the agent will be the owner. In either case you retain full control over the domain and are free to use it in any way. If at a later date        you are able to meet the local requirements, you can change the registrant to be yourself.

2. Creation and content filling of pages on social networks popular in the region in the local language / dialect, making the product more understandable and convenient for the local consumer.

Regular, but not intrusive content updates, in a format convenient for the local user. In some regions, the video format is a priority, in another regions – picture / text, we always track these nuances, which means we more precisely achieve our goal and save the budget of the client.

Wildcat Solutions closely monitors the rating of social networks in the region where the campaign is launched to launch a new brand on the market.

3. Attracting local bloggers, both from the top 10 and lesser known.

The choice is made both from the calculation of the campaign budget and from the analysis of the main audience of the blogger, it is not always the Top blogger to be better suited for product promotion than a blogger with fewer followers, but having the right audience.

4. Creation of advertising campaigns in leading local search engines, involving local marketing campaigns or native speakers. Not understanding the local mentality and linguistic subtleties – it is impossible to create an effective advertising campaign.

Wildcat Solutions – has experience working in the markets of South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany and Russia, there are good business connections with trusted and experienced local marketing agencies and bloggers, in addition to standard marketing methods, we use crowd marketing in some promotion strategies.

Market share of search engines in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Russia in 2019

Market share of search engines in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Russia in 2019

The price of this package of services is calculated individually for each campaign and starts at $ 2,000.

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